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Edgewood Zoning Committee

The Edgewood Zoning Committee provides recommendations on neighborhood developments that may require issuances of rezoning or variances. 

Zoning is a balancing act between promoting density and growth and maintaining the character and form of the neighborhood. And this is a hard balance to strike in a community of people with different backgrounds, priorities, and desires for what they see our neighborhood becoming. 

Why should you care about zoning?

  • Quality of life: Zoning regulations can influence the character of your neighborhood and have huge impact on affordability. Think noise levels, traffic, the types of businesses allowed, transience and density.

  • Property value: Zoning can affect property values positively or negatively depending on what changes are implemented or what developments are encouraged. 

  • Environmental impact: In addition to housing and commercial development, the Committee also takes into consideration tree coverage, wildlife, and green space availability in Edgewood when considering applications and their impact on the neighborhood.





Meeting and Contact Info

The Edgewood Zoning Committee meets the first Monday of each month at 6:30 PM in person and via Zoom.


In person location: 37 Hutchinson Street (Clubhouse)


Edgewood Redevelopment Plan

The original Edgewood redevelopment plan was drafted in 2009 and can be referenced here. ONE is actively revising this plan to reflect the current neighborhood priorities. If you are a developer and would like to better understand the development priorities for Edgewood, please email our committee

The neighborhood planning unit (NPU) is the lowest level of local government in Atlanta. Edgewood, Kirkwood, and East Lake make up NPU-O.

After the  Edgewood Zoning Committee and the broader ONE body review and vote on zoning and variance applications, NPU-O will vote. All Edgewood residents are encouraged to participate in NPU-O meetings, especially for zoning votes. Meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:30 PM via Zoom.

Zoning and variance applications will then go to Atlanta City Council's Zoning Review Board.

The Zoning Review Board (ZRB) consists of nine members, appointed by the Mayor and City Council, who meet twice a month to consider property rezonings and special use permits.  The  ZRB considers recommendations of the relevant NPU and the Office of Zoning and Development staff and makes recommendations on rezonings to the Zoning Committee of City Council.  

ZRB public hearings are held in the City Council chambers on the second floor of the Atlanta City Hall located at 55 Trinity Avenue, at 6:00 PM of the day indicated on the schedule. Prior to the hearing, ZRB members are briefed on items listed on the published agenda. Briefing begins at 5:00 PM. Members of the public are allowed to attend but are not allowed to participate or present during briefing. 

The Atlanta City Council ZRB (see above) makes recommendations to the Atlanta City Council Zoning Committee. This Zoning Committee is responsible for making recommendations to Atlanta City Council on matters relating to the zoning ordinance of the city, as well as land use in conjunction with the Atlanta City Council Community Development/Human Resources Committee. This committee is responsible for the Department of Planning and Community Development’s Bureaus of Planning and Zoning. 

Atlanta City Council will then review recommendations and make final zoning decisions at public hearings. Anyone may attend these hearings and make public comments.

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