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Edgewood SAfety Committee

The Edgewood safety committee aims to maximize the safety and well-being of all neighborhood residents, and seeks to take a holistic approach that engages the Atlanta Police Department, Atlanta City Council, ONE, Edgewood Patrol, community-based and social service organizations, and residents themselves in responding to community safety concerns.  


Researching & pursuing safety-related initiatives & funding

Collecting & interpreting
safety-related data

Connecting residents to safety & well-being services & resources

Convening forums for dialogue & knowledge exchange about safety & well-being issues affecting our neighborhood

Supporting residents to SUPPORT the safety & well-being of their neighbors

Meeting and Contact Info

The Edgewood Safety Committee meets the first Sunday of each month at 2 PM. The location rotates. Please email the ONE Executive Board for committee information and meeting details.


Coming soon

Resources coming soon

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