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Mayson Hardee Mural

The intersection of Mayson and Hardee is at the heart of the vibrant Edgewood Neighborhood and has long been a hotspot for violent crime. As a result, neighbors and community stakeholders have spearheaded efforts to reclaim the intersection as a safe and beautiful space for residents to enjoy.


We’re in the process of finding a muralist willing to work with the community to take on this project. But beautification projects like these aren’t cheap, so we’re asking our neighbors to come together to help us reclaim the heart of our neighborhood. We can achieve our goal if 50 neighbors each donate $50. Will you step up to be one of our first 50 backers?

O.N.E. Donations

Help ONE meet the objectives of the neighborhood by making a donation.

ONE exists to improve quality of life of neighborhood residents; increase protection of persons and property; beautify the community by increasing green spaces and encouraging community involvement in community spirited activities.

In past, funds have been used to donate to Neighbors in Need, a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping long time residents in their home.  Funds have also been used to maintain community connections and communications and encourage neighborhood involvement. 

Any amount is welcome!

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